About Pacesetter Manufacturing

In 2007 Pacesetter Manufacturing Inc. was established as a custom trailer manufacturing operation based in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

Through innovative designs, modern manufacturing methods and a burning desire to succeed, the company’s presence in the market was quickly established. Pride and craftsmanship go into every single trailer manufactured by Pacesetter. From the QT-100 steel frame to the smallest weld joint, you find quality that comes only with years of knowledge gained through experience. There are no mass production assembly lines at Pacesetter’s manufacturing facility. Each trailer is handcrafted one at a time, with every detail completed and inspected by proud craftsmen. We have built custom trailers for clients from Alberta, to Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming, to Australia. Each Pacesetter trailer is truly custom, and built to exact specifications. Once built, every aspect goes through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure you have the most reliable product on the road today.

Compare the workmanship. Compare the value.
Without a doubt, Pacesetter will prove to be your best option in a custom trailer.