Pacesetter is your best option in custom trailer manufacturing

Located in British Columbia, We proudly serve customers from Canada, United States, Australia and everywhere in between. There are no mass production assembly lines at Pacesetter’s manufacturing facility in Langley, BC. Every detail is completed and inspected by proud craftsmen.
Each Pacesetter trailer is truly custom, to exact specifications. Once built, every aspect goes through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure you have the most reliable product on the road today.

Why Pacesetter?

High Quality

Every custom Pacesetter trailer goes through rigorous quality testing, to ensure that every piece lives up to our (incredibly high) standards.


Our craftsmen take incredible pride in the work that they do, and this is immediately noticeable upon inspection of a custom trailer.

Custom Manufacturing

What separates us from the rest is our dedication to listening to exactly what you are asking for. We build them how you want them.

Low Maintenance & Durability

We believe that if you do something right the first time, you won't have to do it again. You will get more hours, and will need less maintenance when you choose Pacesetter.

Premium Components

We only use parts that we have gained confidence in through experience. Each component has our stamp of approval.


We provide our customers with the best price we can. You can rest easy knowing you will never overpay with a Pacesetter.

Pacesetter in action

Take a look at one of our Custom 75 Ton Pacesetter Lowboys on the road and in action. Nothing performs like a Pacesetter.